Los Confites, our farm, our project

One day you simply realise that life goes by very quickly, and that only you can fight for your dreams. There is nothing better than sharing these dreams with those you love.

We love the countryside, small villages, animals, traditions, that smell of wet earth, recovering old recipes, picking up local customs, listening to those who know, enjoying time with the family, friends, healthy food, freshly picked fruit, watering crops, eating freshly picked tomatoes, walking in the forest, mushroom picking, making jam, going to the market, going on hikes, picnics in spring, the smell of a chimney…

Los Confites, our farm, our project

We want you to be a part of our dream which is now a reality. We want to enjoy the ride step by step. Care to join us?

A dream come true


We love traditions and want to recover all that is authentic

We grow the best crop for each season



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A very special place